Buying White Cedar Shingle in Canada

By admin • March 17th, 2011

If you live in Canada then shingles are almost a national symbol. Shingles have been used on Canadian homes since the earliest colonial settlements: partly due to Canada’s great selection of woods suitable for shingles. This includes white cedar of course which is one of the best and most popular. This is not just because it doesn’t leak but also because it doesn’t age, lasts a long time and stops insect infestation.

Where to get ready cut white cedar shingles from though may be a problem: you could try a local timber yard or even a home improvement store that may have some shingles but probably not in white cedar, they may also have white cedar but not cut. This means finding a specialist: you may want to find a specialist shingles seller either in a big city or area where many homes use shingles or online. Also many shingles fitters will be able to source shingles for you though they may not sell them to you at the price they buy them and you may be able to buy them more cheaply elsewhere.

Wherever you do choose make sure that you are going to be able to get more shingles of the same size in the future both for if you run out of shingles when fitting them but also if you need replacements in the future.

If you are buying online it may be easier to get feedback from other customers for sellers, specialist shingles suppliers online may also have a phone number where they will be able to give you expert advice and take orders over the phone as well. If possible find a producer’s website where you can buy direct for the lowest prices and even the possibility of buying wooden shingles in bespoke sizes.


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